November 13, 2016

A Testament to Survival

by Toni Leland

Last summer, I moved my failing Thanksgiving cactus out to the garage, thinking that I would
repot it. One thing led to another, and I moved it several times to get it out of the way, finally placing it on the top shelf of my potting bench.

Fast forward to September and I notice the poor thing, looking even more bedraggled than before. I also notice that buds are forming. Okay, a little water and into the dark basement it goes.

Just before Hallowe'en, I again take note of this neglected plant and NOW it's blooming–in the dark!

For the next week or so, it sits on the dining room table, happily blooming. Meanwhile…

On the day that we turn back the clocks, I'm cleaning out the bottom shelf of my potting bench. On the cold cement floor behind the bench, I find a branch from my poor plant. And…

November 6, 2016
It's making buds and has grown roots! No soil, no water, no light.

Determination. Nature is amazing.

November 18, 2016

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