May 14, 2016

Tips for safe and smart garden practices in spring

by Toni Leland

Early spring has been a busy time on the writing front, and I have several recent articles to share from my garden columns at Norwich Magazine.

The temperatures have warmed, the ground is no longer rock-hard, and the gardens are beckoning. After waiting all winter, we gardeners are dying to get out there and get stuff done! Enthusiasm is a good thing, but too much all at once can spell disaster for our out-of-shape bodies.

wheelbarrow full of roses 
"To dig and delve in nice clean dirt can do a mortal little hurt," said John Kendrick Bangs. But lifting and stretching injuries, dehydration, sun exposure, poisonous plants, and insect bites can. Gardening can definitely be hazardous to your health. Read my feature article "Danger! Gardening Ahead" to learn more about staying safe and productive this season.

bluebird taking a bathGardeners aren't the only ones who need protecting during the season. Birds of all kinds are a welcome addition to the garden landscape, but we must be sure to help them stay safe. "Safety a Must When Attracting Backyard Birds" will help you ensure that your feathered friends can eat and bathe with confidence.

And last, but not least, learn about the toxic plants in your landscape. Some are highly poisonous, others not so much, but it pays to know what they are, especially if you have small children or outdoor pets. Forewarned is safely forearmed! "What's Poisonous in Your Garden?"
Castor bean leaves and fruit are toxic

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